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4th September 2018

Course Duration

2 years


Full time


Newcastle Sixth Form College

Course Overview

Biology is the study of all living things. You will look at how individual molecules interact with each other, how they form tissues, organs and organisms and how these
organisms interact with their environment on a global scale. Studying biology will develop your understanding of the living world and enable you to explore the applications and implications of this living science.

To succeed in A Level Biology, you will need a sound understanding of the concepts covered in GCSE Dual Award or Triple Science. It does not matter if you have completed GCSE Dual Award (Core and Additional) or GCSE separate Sciences.

The successful study of any science also relies heavily upon sound numerical skills.

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Progression and Career Opportunities

Biology can be studied to aid progression to a scientific, medical, health, environmental or social science career.
Popular progression routes from A Level Biology include degrees in biology, biomedical sciences, marine biology, zoology, pharmacy, environmental sciences, psychology, medicine, physiotherapy, speech or occupational therapy, veterinary and dentistry.

I chose Biology because it fits in well with my other subjects (Chemistry & Maths) and gives me a well-rounded view of science.

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Biology & Chemistry

Christine Shield

Biology & Chemistry

Head of Department, Biology & Chemistry

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