A Level - A Levels

Start Date

4th September 2018

Course Duration

2 years


Full time


Newcastle Sixth Form College

Course Overview

Chemistry attempts to answer the big question: What is everything made from? It’s the search for this answer that makes this subject so fascinating. From investigating how one substance can be changed drastically into another, to researching a new wonder drug to save millions of lives, the opportunities that chemistry provides are endless.

Exam Board Information


Progression and Career Opportunities

Studying a chemistry related degree at university gives you all sorts of exciting career options including; analytical chemist, chemical engineer, clinical biochemist, pharmacologist, doctor, research scientist, toxicologist, environmental consultant.

I decided to study chemistry as it plays an integral role in explaining the how the world works, from humans to modern technology and everything in between. Studying something as versatile as Chemistry means I have job options in France, teaching and research. So I can choose anything I want to do rather than restricting my job choice in the future.