A Level - A Levels

Start Date

4th September 2018

Course Duration

2 years


Full time


Newcastle Sixth Form College

Course Overview

Sociology is the study of the society through an in-depth look at various elements such as the family, education, the mass media and crime and deviance. You will tackle issues by looking at the diversity of family types in our society today, childhood, which gender perform better within education and the reasons why.
You will research patterns in criminal behaviour and the impact of the mass media upon individuals by assessing issues such as whether exposure to violent media can make us act in a violent way. You will take part in discussions and debates and will develop and apply knowledge of research methods in relation to a certain given context

Progression and Career Opportunities

Many students study sociology at degree level, with a large number choosing to focus on specific elements, such as criminology.
Sociologists tend to progress into careers within the caring profession in occupations such as mental health nursing, social work, teaching and jobs within human resources.

With Sociology we learn about issues which we can apply to wider society, this makes the subject interesting and relatable.

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